The Importance of a Single Decision

IMG_3122Never underestimate the importance of a single decision.

I was reminded of this truth a few weeks ago as I drove past my wife’s home church from her days growing up in Michigan (pictured left). And it was the VBS promotional sign that did the trick (pictured right).

You see, over 20 years ago we brought key teens from our youth group in Georgia here to Michigan to organize and conduct Vacation Bible School. The church, though small, was excited about reaching out to its community and welcomed the energy of about ten high school kids and a few leaders, including IMG_3123me, their young youth pastor. It was a fabulous week, with children growing spiritually, families connecting relationally, and the church working evangelistically.

But one “result,” at least to me, surfaces above the others whenever I remember that trip. It’s the connection that occurred Friday night between Matt and Leigh Ann. Matt was one of our top high school young men, and Leigh Ann one of their finest high school young ladies. And though they had worked together throughout the week off and on, it wasn’t until Friday night at our goodbye party—just a few hours before we were to leave Saturday morning—that this new “friendship” showed signs of blossoming into something more.

I’ll skip the chick-flick details and cut to the chase: Matt and Leigh Ann have been married for over 15 years now, have three kids and a move to Georgia under their belt. And whenever I see pictures of their family on various social media platforms, or talk to Leigh Ann’s family during a trip to Julie’s hometown, or when Matt’s family from Georgia has reached out to us to say hello, I always think about that day when Matt decided to go on the high school mission trip.

He was in Georgia; she in Michigan. I doubt he could even spell Leigh Ann (much less her maiden name). And basketball ruled the day for Matt; he played 24/7. Yet, somewhere in the middle of life at Lithia High, Matt decided to sign up for our youth group mission trip that year. And why not? Matt was very involved, along with his sister, and his parents were 100% supportive and encouraging.

As the Lord would have it, more was taking place than a mission trip. I didn’t know it, neither did Matt. Nor Leigh Ann. But God did. His work in Matt’s life which led to that single, really important decision—“Yes, I’ll go on the mission trip this year”—ended up being a game changer. Matt would say a life saver. I would agree.

More than likely, you know a situation with a similar theme. It may not have a romantic twist, but similar nonetheless in that there was one, single decision that turned the tide. A seemingly simple choice here, an almost nonchalant decision there…BOOM—God used it to change the course of a life. Maybe your own.

That’s what I love about the words opportunity, responsibility, and sovereignty. I don’t know how they necessarily work together, but I know God does. That confidence gives me the freedom to take seriously, not lazily, every opportunity and responsibility. After all, who knows which one of those decisions may be a life-changer for someone.

The point? Don’t underestimate your decisions. Not any of them. Not a single one of them. (Okay, your sock choice may not matter, but you get the picture.)  Embrace each one confidently. Humbly. Boldly. Expectantly. Wisely. It may not turn your next mission trip into a marriage trip, but then again, you never know.

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One Comment on “The Importance of a Single Decision”

  1. Rachael September 7, 2014 at 12:59 am #

    Awesome story. I remember that trip. I was there!

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