What-Would-You-Do Wednesday: Polygamy Predicament

imagesIt’s Wednesday, and time for the return of InkLink’s “What-Would-You-Do?” It’s been a while since we’ve stepped out into these waters, but don’t let the cold temperatures keep you from jumping in!

Remember, a “What-Would-You-Do” scenario is a true-to-life situation (or close to it) that we can vicariously live out and thus learn from. I’ll provide the specifics (who, when and where), then describe the situation (what). Your job? Let me know what you would do! [Read other WWYD’s here and here.]

Polygamy Predicament
You’ve been going on the same mission trip for three years—Colorado City, UT—reaching out to the many “families” lost in the darkness of the false religion of Mormonism. In fact, you’ve built a relationship with one of the men, a polygamist who has four wives. And many kids! As odd as you feel, you can tell God is orchestrating something supernatural. So you stay connected and involved, even in the middle of unfamiliar moments. It’s clear he’s starting to trust you—one man to another—something that doesn’t happen easily in such a closed society.  Through emails, annual visits, and even periodic phone calls, you have his ear.

Knowing that, you’ve been sharing the gospel more and more. And sure enough, one afternoon he calls to tell you that after reading Romans over and over, plus Galatians, he knows he can’t save himself and has believed the truth about Jesus—who he was and what he did. Romans 1:16 proved true and God’s power broke through—this man repented and trusted Christ alone for salvation. In fact, his whole family did! It was like an Acts 16 moment (minus the multiple wives). God was mighty to save!

As providence would have it, you are due to be out there in two weeks for your fourth mission trip. You both rejoice in this over the phone, for he can hardly wait to see his new “brother” again personally. But before hanging up, he asks you a final question: “I know it’s wrong to be married to multiple women. So when you come out, can you let me know what to do? Which one should I stay married to? And where do the kids go?”

There’s silence on both ends, and your jaw is on the floor. Which wife? The Kids? You’re asking me?

He says goodbye, you choke out a corresponding “See ya’,” then gulp. You’ve got two weeks to figure out and formulate a “next step.” What would you recommend? Why?

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