A “Gotta Watch” Video for Husbands and Wives

It was just minutes after I finished preaching on Colossians 3:19 last Sunday that one of our members came to see me down front. And after a handshake and a simple greeting, he said, “Have you seen or heard Wayne Grudem’s testimony about how he lived out sacrificial love? It’s a perfect illustration of what you were preaching about today.”

I told him I had not seen it, but had high respect for Wayne. “I’d love to see it. If you find it,” I told him, “send me the link.”

That’s exactly what he did. And he was right! Wayne’s story is a perfect example of a husband laying down is life for his wife, just as Christ did for the church. And what a beautiful response of alignment his wife displays.

Husbands and wives, enjoy this stirring picture of sacrificial love and willful alignment.


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