Home Runs Start Launching Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the opening of the 2016 baseball season! And few things in baseball are as fun to watch as home run. In fact, if you’re any sort of baseball fan, this 54-second video will probably get your blood pumping for the first pitch:

But regardless of which AL or NL team you cheer for, there’s one team which needs your undivided and loyal commitment—your “home” team. That’s the most important place where “home runs” matter most.

I wrote about this most important place a couple of years, releasing my book “Home Run” at the start of the 2014 baseball season. And each year I unashamedly plug it when the boys of summer take the diamond.

Why? As I write in Home Run, I want to “help your family work well. That’s why I focus on the core roles and relationships under every roof: dad, mom, son, and daughter. Regardless of your marital status, you are connected in one of these basic relationships. This is true for everyone in the world. Becoming your best in these relationships will go a long way in helping you hit home runs for the rest of the people on your team.”

It’s my hope that, when the season opens tomorrow and home runs start rocketing out of the park,  every baseball fan will be even more excited about swinging for the fence in the one place where it matters most—under their own roof. I, for one, am digging in to the batters box yet again to take another swing. Join me, won’t you?

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