“Home Run” (2014)
There’s no place like home! And in “Home Run,” Todd, along with his son, Brett, take us around the bases of our most important relationships — the ones under our own roof! With Psalm 128 as the lens, Todd and Brett helps us better see what it means to be a father, mother, son or daughter. Plus, it’s filled with practical action-steps and timely illustrations. “Home Run” will give you concrete ideas based on the solid foundation of God’s truth so that you can serve the most important people in your life — your family!

“The Small Gifts of Christmas: Discover the Beauty of Christmas in the Book of Micah” (2013)
With its poetic apex being the word “Bethlehem,” the Old Testament book of Micah stands as one of the premiere prophecies of Christ’s birth. Rooted in chapters of contrast, Micah shows us that big isn’t always best. That image isn’t always substance. That the best gifts are sometimes the simplest gifts. “The Small Gifts of Christmas” is truly a much-needed exercise in holiday perspective.

“Different, Not Just Better: Salvation in Street Clothes” (2010)
More than a collection of stories, Different, Not Just Better is a choreographed dance of joy set to the music of God’s saving grace. With his usual clarity, Todd relays solid doctrine wrapped in the heart-warming garments of real life. If you’ve ever wondered what really goes on when someone is born again, then Different, Not Just Better is for you.

“Christmas Footprints” (2008)
Discover the journey of Mary, Joseph, and the Magi during that first Christmas long ago, and the timeless truths they leave for us today. Take a walk in the steps of those who show us what it really means to have God with us.

“The Big Book of Quick Tips for Youth Leaders” (2001)
Over 100 to-the-point tips and nuggets from years of youth ministry experience makes this resource a valuable reference for youth leaders, whether vocational or volunteer. Parents, meetings, events, discipleship, leaders — those are just a few of the topics addressed in this easy-to-use reference tool.

“Meditations of a Young Minister”  (2000)
These devotionals will stir your mind, convict your heart, and prompt your hands and feet as they get you thinking about the ins-and-outs of ministry through the eyes of a young youth pastor. Discussion questions are included at the end of each chapter as well for use in small groups or for personal meditation.


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