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My Sabbatical Reading List

One of the blessings of this summer is a six-week sabbatical the elders of our church extended to me. What a gift! I’m very appreciative, and am really benefitting from the time to recharge, reboot, and refresh. Primarily, I’m focused on one question during this sabbatical: What will it take to mobile 800+ people to […]

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10 in 10

Recently I was asked to share with a group of pastors 10 things I’ve learned in 10 years, mainly about church planting and ministry. Though no doubt the lessons learned are way more than that, I did manage to whittle the list down to 10. Interestingly, as I reviewed the list, I realized these 10 […]

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Passion Week “Required” Reading

One of the most meaningful weeks of the year for me is Passion Week. And one of the things I do during that week is re-read books that have been especially helpful in bringing out the reality, whether historically, chronologically, or scientifically, of that week to me. This in no way supplants a reading of […]

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Books for the Break

A few posts ago I listed the books I had read around the end of Thanksgiving/beginning of Christmas. Well, a few weeks have passed, and now there’s a new set of books I am reading. In fact, with some time off between Christmas and New Years just ahead, I’m looking forward to exactly that—some extended time […]

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Holiday Reading List

During my message a couple of weeks ago, I referenced a book I had just finished reading, even commenting that it had been an “appropriate read during the holidays.” That prompted someone to ask me later what other books I was reading this season, and why. So here’s a list of what I’ve read (and […]

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Vacation Reading List

Our family arrived back from vacation a little more than a week ago, which meant the annual question from those who know me: “What books did you read?”  Aside from reading, you can bet I—we—enjoyed lots of family stuff, like building a sandcastle, walks on the beach, trying new places to eat, shelling, snorkeling, dolphin […]

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Getting “Buy” With a Little Help From My Friends

Today my newest book, Home Run, is released digitally through Amazon. But instead of a chapter excerpt (read those here) or a video clip (watch it here) as ‘Day 1’ promotion, here’s what some of my friends are saying about it. After all, a good referral in someone else’s few words is worth a thousand […]

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2011: Best Of … Books

I took some time in the early days of 2012 and compiled a list of the top books I read this past year, what I’m calling my “best of” when it comes to the printed/digitized page. NOTE: Though these links are all to the “purchase” link at Amazon, some of these books are actually free […]

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