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It’s STATurday: Church Numbers

From issues of morality to the importance of missions, here’s what recent surveys and numbers report about either Americans, those who call themselves Christians and what we are part of—the church, or both.* 44% of practicing Christians agree that it’s a good practice for couples to live together outside of marriage. 88% of people who […]

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Q Zone: Culture Questions

Got questions? For sure, especially in light of the letters to Pergamum and Thyatira. So in addition to the the three questions I answered this morning from last week, here are four more from today’s service. Q: What are the current pagan practices of this culture today? A: I’d contend these would be on the […]

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Best Book I Read in June

It was the title that first caught my attention while I was browsing the Moody Publishing booth at their Pastors Conference—“On Being a Pastor.” Then the name Begg. Alistair Begg. I thought to myself, Yes, that’d be quite interesting to see what he thinks about being a pastor. But I was wrong. This book by […]

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It’s STATurday: The Power of Small Groups

Each year I try to informally and spontaneously poll our weekend attenders in regards to two things: 1) their involvement in a small group, and 2) their commitment to serving on a ministry team on a regular basis. I never ask who is being polled (i.e., names are not required), nor do I ever announce […]

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The Next Book I’m Buying

Book reviews are rarely motivating, They’re usually just informative. Not that being informative is bad. Frankly, that’s probably what a book review should be. But Steve McAlpine’s review of Mark Sayers Disappearing Church: From Cultural Relevance to Gospel Resilience (Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers, 2016. 176 pp. $14.99) was more than a review aimed at informing. It was an […]

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40 Days and 18 Ways

Tomorrow our church, First family Church, begins our 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting emphasis. I’m looking forward to seeing God work deeply within the lives of his flock here as every day we are all praying, and everyday at least one person is fasting. For those among my readership who are not within this […]

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It’s STATurday: 9 Things…

Often I get asked about pastoral ministry—What’s it like, what do I actually do, is it hard or lonely, what kind of pressure do I feel, does it set well with your family…the list could go on. Well, with this being the last day of Clergy Appreciation Month, the Gospel Coalition published a great piece […]

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In Case You Missed the Video from Today’s Message

Few things could have underscored better the reason we at FFC encourage 100% involvement in our small groups (known as Lighthouses) than the video we showed at the conclusion of the message (click to watch message). Some, however, didn’t get the opportunity to see it due to being out of town for the holiday. Or they […]

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What to Look for in a Church

A few years ago as I was teaching from Acts 2-4, I, almost in passing, threw out some observations about what people should look for in a church. Not that these qualities are unimportant; rather, it wasn’t the bulls-eye target of the text that day. But it warranted a drive-by mentioning, so I generally lobbed these […]

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It’s STATurday: Do the Numbers from Pew Really ‘Stink’?

Ed Stetzer said it well in his blog on May 12: “Christianity is losing, and will continue to lose, its home field advantage; no one can (or should) deny this. However, the numerical decline of self-identified American Christianity is more of a purifying bloodletting than it is an arrow to the heart of the church.” […]

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