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Point and Counterpoint: Is it “Through” or “Out”?

The definitive and primary statement regarding saints of God and tribulation, or even more specifically the Tribulation (or hour of testing), is that God will protect them. Of this we are sure! The secondary question usually concerns how—Will God rescue them “out” of that intense time of trouble prior to its beginning via a rapture, […]

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Big Words, Small Summaries: Five End-Time Views

In my post from yesterday I revealed the informal results from a casual Sunday survey I conducted recently about end times. And I suspect those who whom I unintentionally frustrated with the survey may have been equally irritated with the post, mainly because I still didn’t provide a synopsis of the various views. Well, at […]

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Survey Says…

A little more than a week ago I conducted an informal survey during my message, “Paul on the Lord’s Return.” The goal? To find out how many people in the audience definitively knew what eschatological label they wore; in what end times “camp” they pitched their tent. I showed four main views on the screen […]

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To Most People, It’s Mess-chatology.

It’s officially called “Eschatology” — the study of last things. But to most people, it feels more like “Messchatology.” And no wonder. With color-coded flip charts and criss-crossed timelines, literal predictions and symbolic prophecies, Spielberg-like scenarios and Lucas-like creatures, too many preachers turn our primary attention towards debatable timing instead of doctrinal truth. This is […]

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Q Zone: Does Cremation Stop Glorification?

Though our series theme is suffering (from 2 Corinthians 4:7-18), some “futuristic” questions were generated last week due to the fact that a portion of the text contains some end-times references. And since we didn’t address these questions in the service, here’s some  insight and helpful information. Q: When the Bible speaks of Jesus coming […]

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