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A “Trial Run” of Observations about Trials

Though I briefly unpacked these insights in an earlier message, here are the four observations about trials we glean from Hebrews 3:7-19. Trials are essentially spiritual crossroads. The testing of our faith is always a fork in the road, an intersection of sorts where we must put what we believe into practice. Regardless of the issue, […]

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A Growing Faith Like Gideon’s #1

*NOTE: This blog is a follow-up to my message on July 31, “Gideon: Faith That Grows.” To understand the blog to its fullest, listen to the message first here. “Lord, increase our faith!” was the request of the disciples in Luke 17. How does that happen? A look at the full context of this request […]

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Q & A from "By Faith" Series in Hebrews 11

Q: In your recent message on Abel you said that “God came to us.” But didn’t we go to him and accept him on his terms?  He is always with us from the time that we are born to the time that we die, right? It is just that we have to accept him, right? […]

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