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It’s a Small World After All (Yeah, Really Small!)

Can you hear me humming it even now? “It’s a small world after all! It’s a small world after all! It’s a small world after all! It’s a small, small world.” That’s what was spinning in my head as I left a Walmart in Largo, Florida last night, even if Dwight disagrees. Here’s why. I […]

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What’s in Your Attic?

With my sister and her husband moving to Iowa (from TN) later this month, they both knew at least one thing had to be done before they left town: an attic clean-out. What made this task oddly attractive was that their house used to be my parents’ home; it was where she—and I and our […]

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Sunday Rewind: Words That Build Up Husbands

What are words a wife can use to build up her husband? In this 2 1/2 minute answer I offer four words that will go a long way in helping a wife do this, as well as explaining why. This “Sunday Rewind” is best understood when heard alongside the message I preached, “Paul on Words,” […]

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Family Idolatry: A Q Zone EXTRA

One of the questions that came in during the 10:30 service delved into the matter of whether or not our children—or families for that matter—can become an idol. And if so, is there danger in that? Though I answered the first part of the question with a clear-cut ‘yes,’ I did not expound on the […]

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In Case You Missed the Video from Today’s Message

Few things could have underscored better the reason we at FFC encourage 100% involvement in our small groups (known as Lighthouses) than the video we showed at the conclusion of the message (click to watch message). Some, however, didn’t get the opportunity to see it due to being out of town for the holiday. Or they […]

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Blueprint Begins

One of the issues I’m pretty passionate about is that of family and home, which is why I’m really excited to start a new series tomorrow rooted in Colossians 3, “God’s Blueprint for a Biblical Home.” It’s just a four-week emphasis, but we’ll dive in and dig deep into text and context to see God’s […]

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The Bree’s Squeeze: A Memory of My Graduate

With our third child “commencing” from high school today, I thought this excerpt from my book Home Run would be appropriate. [From chapter 5, “Daughters That Make a Difference“] When our three girls were little, I could sweep them up off the ground, hug them tightly, snuggle them while telling a story, and roll all over […]

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More Than a Biscuit

This morning as I got home from the Y, my daughter Breanna unexpectedly pulled in right behind me. I was surprised because, like me, she had left early; but unlike me, she was dressed up and ready to roll. I was simply crawling out of bed, as unmade as the bed, hoping to get in […]

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The ‘Imago Dei,’ and 42 Years of Denying It (Part 2)

The imago Dei. To truly understand this would not only render abortion foundationless, but also the other sins that violate human dignity and personhood, such as racism, classism, and sexism. It is to that end, with a special view to exposing the lie of the abortion industry, that I address this issue. What Does It […]

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The ‘Imago Dei,’ and 42 Years of Denying It (Part 1)

42 years ago—January of 1973—America’s Supreme Court delivered a ruling that made abortion legal. Not moral or ethical. And surely not biblical. Only legal. Since that time, it is estimated that over 55 million unborn babies have been killed. Even as I write this late on a Saturday night, my heart trembles and my eyes […]

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