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Q Zone: Does God Love People in Hell?

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Two Smells in Every Sermon

It’s no secret I’ve got nose issues. From cat allergies to seasonal reactions to periodic colds, sometimes I think this snoz of mine is my “thorn in the flesh.” Add to that the way our sinuses react when our emotions get involved—i.e., our nose runs when our eyes tear up—well, preaching for me can sometimes […]

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Q Zone: The Parables, Judgment, and Hell

Even a scant reading of the parable of the kingdom net leaves us with this understanding: an eventual “sorting” is inevitable. In a phrase, judgment is coming. And in a few simple verses, Jesus described the judgment of the wicked in terrible, horrible terms – “fiery place,” “weeping”, and “gnashing of teeth.” (Listen to the […]

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Love Win[K]s

One of the dangers of generalizing something is that you remove most, if not all, of its power. It becomes so generic that it is no longer effective. And when people come in contact with it, it’s as if they’re anesthetized by its vagueness and broadness. In my opinion, this is largest danger lurking in […]

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