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Home Runs Start Launching Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the opening of the 2016 baseball season! And few things in baseball are as fun to watch as home run. In fact, if you’re any sort of baseball fan, this 54-second video will probably get your blood pumping for the first pitch: But regardless of which AL or NL team you cheer for, […]

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Blueprint Begins

One of the issues I’m pretty passionate about is that of family and home, which is why I’m really excited to start a new series tomorrow rooted in Colossians 3, “God’s Blueprint for a Biblical Home.” It’s just a four-week emphasis, but we’ll dive in and dig deep into text and context to see God’s […]

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Getting “Buy” With a Little Help From My Friends

Today my newest book, Home Run, is released digitally through Amazon. But instead of a chapter excerpt (read those here) or a video clip (watch it here) as ‘Day 1’ promotion, here’s what some of my friends are saying about it. After all, a good referral in someone else’s few words is worth a thousand […]

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There’s Nothing Like a Home Run!

We’ve been promoting the book verbally lately. But since a picture is worth a thousand words, here’s a visual showcase to highlight, not only baseball’s most potent, offensive weapon—the home run—but a book to help you hit one where it matters most—with your family. Enjoy!

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