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Big Words, Small Summaries: Five End-Time Views

In my post from yesterday I revealed the informal results from a casual Sunday survey I conducted recently about end times. And I suspect those who whom I unintentionally frustrated with the survey may have been equally irritated with the post, mainly because I still didn’t provide a synopsis of the various views. Well, at […]

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It’s STATurday: Numbers on Multisiting

This is the second installment of InkLink’s new weekend feature, a Saturday-only post that will center on statistics. Thus, the name “It’s STATurday.” The goal is laser-like and singular, namely, to provide a statistical window into a topic and, as a result, provide a gentle push for us to do something. You see, often facts […]

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Nuggets from Exponential

When overloaded with information, I have found it helpful to process it bit by bit—incrementally—chewing on one nugget at a time. This is exactly what I did over the weekend with the avalanche of material from Exponential, where the theme was church planting and multiplication. Here are 13 of the nuggets I’m still digesting. Believe […]

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Multisiting (Before We Knew What It Was)

This week in I’ve been attending the Exponential conference in Tampa, FL, where the theme has been multiplying—you know, churches planting churches that plant churches that plant churches ad infinitum. It’s been good; I’ve really enjoyed it! We’ve heard testimonies from churches who have planted hundreds of other churches nationally, reproduced themselves locally in satellites, […]

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“Like” – A Bullet Summary of our Summer Series

So what have learned about the kingdom of Heaven (i.e., the kingdom of God) in these past 12 weeks from the parables in Matthew? Here’s a bulleted list, with the number in parenthesis referring to the parable(s) which made that point. The passage for each parable is also listed. The kingdom… is proven by fruit […]

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Q Zone: Where’s the Line?

It’s true — the thorny ground is the ground where life’s “busyness” chokes out the seed’s fruitfulness (Matthew 13). Called the “cares of this life” by one Gospel writer, the “pleasures” of life by another, and the “deceitfulness of riches” by still another, the clear implication is that God’s kingdom won’t grow where there’s a […]

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Q Zone: How do I …

The “little k” and “Big K” application from Sunday generated some good feedback from our faith family, one being this question: How do I personally measure “little k’s” vs. the “Big K’s” in my life? (To understand the context of this question, listen to the message here.) Here are two words that help me steer this boat: Mandates and motives! […]

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