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Pure Living in a Pagan Culture

Back in 2011, while preaching through Leviticus,  I addressed a number of sexual issues when I came to chapters 18-22 in a message entitled “Pure Living in a Pagan Culture.” In light of the themes of Jesus’ letters to Pergamum and Thyatira, I thought these excerpts from that sermon were timely and appropriate for God’s […]

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Jewish Holidays: A Humorous Summary

I’ve been in Israel for the past week or so, and our guide, whom we know as Pitch (but whose real name is Abraham) is quite funny. He’s a Jew, an archeologist, and does a really good job bringing out the history and geography of the sites and places that we are visiting. He provides […]

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We’re Done with Leviticus, But Not With Holiness

One pastor I enjoy listening to weekly is Kevin DeYoung out of Lansing, MI (University Reforrmed Church). He’s a thought-provoking, theologically-sound teacher of the Word. So when he wrote recently about “The Hole in our Holiness” (…),  my ears perked up, especially since we’ve been in Leviticus these past 20 weeks. And with holiness being […]

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