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186 Years of Marriage!

Though we don’t “make” the Bible come to life or relevant (it is already both!), there are times when the living truth of God bursts before you in full color. Such was the case Friday night when I saw 186 years of marriage standing before me. We were attending a family wedding in Michigan, and […]

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Husbands Loving, Wives Aligning: Four Tips for Both

Many have asked for the definitions and application points from the last two weeks of messages in our series, “God’s Blueprint for a Biblical Home.” So here, in a very succinct fashion, are the definitions, as well as the “Todd’s Tips” I provided near the end of my two messages on husbands and wives in […]

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The Bree’s Squeeze: A Memory of My Graduate

With our third child “commencing” from high school today, I thought this excerpt from my book Home Run would be appropriate. [From chapter 5, “Daughters That Make a Difference“] When our three girls were little, I could sweep them up off the ground, hug them tightly, snuggle them while telling a story, and roll all over […]

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Why You Should Develop a Biblically Strong Theology of Sex

Today the American media witnesses another episode of its own hypocrisy as it celebrates the release of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It’s a collision of twisted definitions—the debut of a movie that hails humiliation, abuse, and lust on a holiday that traditionally has honored love. The blatant blindness of so many “politically correct” people and […]

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More Than a Biscuit

This morning as I got home from the Y, my daughter Breanna unexpectedly pulled in right behind me. I was surprised because, like me, she had left early; but unlike me, she was dressed up and ready to roll. I was simply crawling out of bed, as unmade as the bed, hoping to get in […]

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I Choose to Forgive

As 2014 closed and 2015 dawned, I asked myself: What one thing makes the largest difference in life and ministry? To me, one word sums it up: Forgiveness. Admittedly, this is my opinion. But this opinion of mine is flanked by two things that bring great weight to it—Scripture and experience. In fact, I’d be […]

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Q Zone: Insight from our Intern

We just finished our mini-series last week (12/1/13) in Acts 15 (“Conflicts in the Kingdom”), and though we answered many questions in our live Q & A, two are still remaining. What better way to acclimate our current pastoral intern, Jason Laxton, to the FFC culture than give him a shot at the last two […]

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The Sign People

Yesterday I spent some time with other pastors praying in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic here in our town. I’ve been doing this for a couple of years now, sometimes with others at a vigil, other times just by myself. Regardless of how or with whom, this prayer strategy always feels awkward. Always. Cars […]

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Is It Really All About Sex? (Part 2)

[NOTE: This is actually a follow-up to a previous post. To read the previous one, click here.] Knowing we are simply called to be a faithful “next link” in this unbroken and obedient chain of Gospel-believers whose lives have been radically changed by Christ away from the former pagan ways of the culture, what do […]

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Love Win[K]s

One of the dangers of generalizing something is that you remove most, if not all, of its power. It becomes so generic that it is no longer effective. And when people come in contact with it, it’s as if they’re anesthetized by its vagueness and broadness. In my opinion, this is largest danger lurking in […]

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