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Q Zone: Survey Says…

A couple of weeks ago we informally surveyed those at our Ankeny and Bondurant campuses (as we do most years when we wrap up our small group season) in order to gain a good perspective of the various connection points within our church family. It’s a simple, anonymous, and spontaneous survey, and it’s designed that […]

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Q Zone: How do I …

The “little k” and “Big K” application from Sunday generated some good feedback from our faith family, one being this question: How do I personally measure “little k’s” vs. the “Big K’s” in my life? (To understand the context of this question, listen to the message here.) Here are two words that help me steer this boat: Mandates and motives! […]

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Peter and Paul on Washingtons and Lincolns

Just because the market is slow and the budget flat doesn’t mean that the work of the church has to be as well. Quite the contrary! In times when money is sparse, opportunities are endless. Sometimes, though, we think you have to have one to chase the other. Well, let’s rethink that. Remember – While […]

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