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The Quieting and Correcting Role of Elders: Helpful Links

To help FFCers and other InkLink readers properly understand, not only the textual angle of Titus 1:10-16, but also the practical applications, here are some helpful links. Some I referenced in the message; others I did not. I pray all, however, will be profitable. Love Your Neighbor Enough to Speak the Truth Should Shepherd Expose […]

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Best Book I Read in June

It was the title that first caught my attention while I was browsing the Moody Publishing booth at their Pastors Conference—“On Being a Pastor.” Then the name Begg. Alistair Begg. I thought to myself, Yes, that’d be quite interesting to see what he thinks about being a pastor. But I was wrong. This book by […]

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Remembering Pastor Chirwa

Yesterday morning I received word that a pastor friend of mine in Lusaka, Zambia passed away: Pastor Gerald Chirwa. While Gerald and I weren’t real close simply due to location issues, we did talk frequently over FB, and I had been to see him on a couple of occasions. Additionally, he has been a global […]

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It’s STATurday: 9 Things…

Often I get asked about pastoral ministry—What’s it like, what do I actually do, is it hard or lonely, what kind of pressure do I feel, does it set well with your family…the list could go on. Well, with this being the last day of Clergy Appreciation Month, the Gospel Coalition published a great piece […]

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It’s STATurday: Do the Numbers from Pew Really ‘Stink’?

Ed Stetzer said it well in his blog on May 12: “Christianity is losing, and will continue to lose, its home field advantage; no one can (or should) deny this. However, the numerical decline of self-identified American Christianity is more of a purifying bloodletting than it is an arrow to the heart of the church.” […]

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It’s STATurday: Numbers on Multisiting

This is the second installment of InkLink’s new weekend feature, a Saturday-only post that will center on statistics. Thus, the name “It’s STATurday.” The goal is laser-like and singular, namely, to provide a statistical window into a topic and, as a result, provide a gentle push for us to do something. You see, often facts […]

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Leading in Light of Hatred on the Horizon

Of the many sessions and workshops at this year’s Pastors’ Conference, one that is still rolling around in my head and heart is the opening service with Dr. Paul Nyquist. Why? Because of the practical nature of his application. In fact, he left us with four ways to lead in light of the future. But […]

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Remembering John

Today I attended the funeral of my friend and fellow Ankeny pastor, John Colyer. In what was, through the dim mirror of human visibility (1 Cor. 13), a sudden and tragic loss, I and no doubt many hundreds more gathered, remembered, and laughed. Still, we grieved, though not without hope (1 Thess 4). In fact, […]

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My Top 5

With new readers each month, often previous posts go unnoticed or unread. So each January I like to provide a quick list of the previous year’s top 5 posts (i.e., most-read). But underneath the stats is an intriguing observation. It’s not surprising that the two most-read posts last year dealt with suffering, for pain is […]

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On Being a “Good” Minister

All pastors want to be effective. Helpful. In a word, beneficial. In fact, if making an impact on those around us weren’t at least one of our purposes, most of us would not even consider ministry. Sure, we aim to please Christ first, but all of us would willingly admit we want to help others […]

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