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Q Zone: Since God is Sovereign, Why Pray or Witness?

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Q Zone: Culture Questions

Got questions? For sure, especially in light of the letters to Pergamum and Thyatira. So in addition to the the three questions I answered this morning from last week, here are four more from today’s service. Q: What are the current pagan practices of this culture today? A: I’d contend these would be on the […]

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Q Zone: What Would You Say…

We opened Holy Week this year with a look at the message of “first importance”–the gospel!–examining what Paul had to say about it in 1 Corinthians 15:1-11. Without a doubt the Apostle testified to it’s veracity and vitality in what many consider to be the most succinct explanation of this ‘good news’ in the New […]

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Q Zone: Is it Unwise to…??

What does a wise person look like? How would they act? What would they do? These were the core issues addressed by Pastor Travis last week when he spoke from James 3:13-17 on “What Wisdom Wears.” I especially appreciate his emphasis on generosity and the counter-intuitive nature of true, heavenly wisdom “from above.” In fact, […]

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Q Zone: A PS to the Postcard

Though the New Testament epistle of Philemon is just about 455 English words, it packs a powerful punch in its one chapter—that a new gospel identity should produce new gospel interactions. (Listen or watch the message here.) But there are connected truths as well in Paul’s postcard to Philemon, as well as other applications. And […]

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Q Zone: Does God “Discipline” Unbelievers?

The words “judgment,” “discipline,” “chasten,” and “convict” can sometimes be misunderstood, even wrongly used. Do they all apply to everyone? Which are specific to God’s family? Here’s some one-minute insight on this topic in episode 8 of FFTV.    

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Q Zone: To Obey or Not to Obey?

Our new summer series, “Majoring on the Minors: The Big Messages of the Bible’s Small Books” (Habakkuk, Hosea, and Malachi) couldn’t have come at a more opportune time! What tremendous truths from these minor prophets to joyfully anchor us in the middle of a shifting society. Incidentally, you can listen to a preview of all these […]

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Q Zone: Playing Catch Up

Various things prevented me from opening up the service for Q & A lately, so we’ve got a backlog of questions regarding a variety of issues. 15 in fact! Of course, they all stem from our series in Hebrews, “Jesus: Loud and Clear, Front and Center.” Still, they cover a wide range of topics and texts. […]

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What-Would-You-Do Wednesday: Polygamy Predicament

It’s Wednesday, and time for the return of InkLink’s “What-Would-You-Do?” It’s been a while since we’ve stepped out into these waters, but don’t let the cold temperatures keep you from jumping in! Remember, a “What-Would-You-Do” scenario is a true-to-life situation (or close to it) that we can vicariously live out and thus learn from. I’ll […]

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A GO Month Quiz

Tomorrow we wrap up a 6-week emphasis on missions — a series we titled “God’s Heart for the World” and uniquely designed for what is known as GO Month at First Family. In that series I began my five messages with a question, each one designed to get us thinking about a specific aspect of […]

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