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It’s STATurday: The Power of Small Groups

Each year I try to informally and spontaneously poll our weekend attenders in regards to two things: 1) their involvement in a small group, and 2) their commitment to serving on a ministry team on a regular basis. I never ask who is being polled (i.e., names are not required), nor do I ever announce […]

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QZone: U-N-I-r-TYght…Really?

Applauding and “amening” unity is one thing when the church gathers on the weekend. But how does one live that out when the church scatters throughout the week? This is the heart behind the two questions we didn’t address live in the service. Here’s my shot at providing some insight into areas about which all […]

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Devo Man Strikes Again!

It’s shocking what can happen when movement ceases. Yep, when even a small flow is shut off, it’s just plain ugly what happens. Those were my thoughts only a day after I turned off the filter to our above-ground pool. It was time to close it down and box it up for another winter, so […]

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Q Zone: Where’s the Line?

It’s true — the thorny ground is the ground where life’s “busyness” chokes out the seed’s fruitfulness (Matthew 13). Called the “cares of this life” by one Gospel writer, the “pleasures” of life by another, and the “deceitfulness of riches” by still another, the clear implication is that God’s kingdom won’t grow where there’s a […]

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Wednesday Rewind: Quest Kids Carnival

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36 Christmas Day Services

Every time Christmas falls on a Sunday, it seems there is an increase in the conversation about when to hold church services. For some reason, we question our normal operating procedure when the annual “big day” falls squarely on our weekly “big day.” Don’t read that and think I’m about to attack the dialogue that […]

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