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Q Zone: The Line Between Loving God and Loving the World

In a recent message from James 4:1-6 on fighting the war within, specifically pride and worldliness, a listener asked, “Where do we draw the line between worldliness and godliness? For example, we need to work to provide for our families, but when does that become materialistic? In excess? Proud?” To help provide some insight, I’ve […]

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Q Zone: Why Did God Require Jesus’ Death?

Many often wonder, usually under our breath, why God required the death of his Son to atone for sin. We think to ourselves, “Surely there was an ‘easier’ way, wasn’t there? After all, he’s God, right? Why couldn’t he just accomplish the same result in a different manner?” Take a look for some insight on that […]

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The Sinfulness of Man, the Sovereignty of God, and Joyful Satisfaction in the Middle of Both

It’s been almost a month since SCOTUS “ruled” on Obergefell v. Hodges and gave us their majority opinion in regards to states’ rights to determine  who can and can’t marry. The reversal essentially, according to FOTF, “has the net effect of legalizing same-sex marriage at the federal and state levels across the entire country.” Biblically speaking, our […]

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The ‘Imago Dei,’ and 42 Years of Denying It (Part 2)

The imago Dei. To truly understand this would not only render abortion foundationless, but also the other sins that violate human dignity and personhood, such as racism, classism, and sexism. It is to that end, with a special view to exposing the lie of the abortion industry, that I address this issue. What Does It […]

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The ‘Imago Dei,’ and 42 Years of Denying It (Part 1)

42 years ago—January of 1973—America’s Supreme Court delivered a ruling that made abortion legal. Not moral or ethical. And surely not biblical. Only legal. Since that time, it is estimated that over 55 million unborn babies have been killed. Even as I write this late on a Saturday night, my heart trembles and my eyes […]

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Nothing New “Under the Covers”

It’s the same old story told again and again: Success, stardom, then smallville. Hero to zero in 60 months or less. It’s exactly what happened to Samson, and its echo is louder than ever in the current saga of John Edwards (…). I was commenting to my wife just last Thursday morning, as we were […]

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