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10 in 10

Recently I was asked to share with a group of pastors 10 things I’ve learned in 10 years, mainly about church planting and ministry. Though no doubt the lessons learned are way more than that, I did manage to whittle the list down to 10. Interestingly, as I reviewed the list, I realized these 10 […]

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Spiritual Gifts Plain and Simple

It was a Thursday, and it seemed that most of my hours were spent processing what I knew was best but didn’t necessarily like. Ever had one of those moments? Days? Weeks? On the outside, I appeared fine. And in all reality, I was. Why? Because I knew the proper decision was made. But inwardly, […]

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Q Zone: God’s Will. God’s Gifts. God’s People.

God’s will. God’s gifts. God’s people. Those were the subjects of our two weeks in the first 16 verses of Acts 21, as well as the source of the questions that came in. And speaking of questions, here are the ones we didn’t address in the service with what I hope are some insightful answers. […]

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