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Six “Best Practices” for Submission and Satisfaction

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Responding to the Murder of Two Police Officers in Des Moines

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Q Zone: Super Bowl Edition on Good Receptions

Sunday we looked at what constitutes a “good catch” of God’s Word. In other words, how do you know if you’ve received the Word? As James so plainly states, it is both hearing and doing that constitute a true completion. Still, a few flags were thrown (i.e., questions). Here’s what some people were wondering as […]

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“Did You Really Say the ‘S-‘ Word?”

Yep, sure did. Read it and said it. I just let those syllables flow right out of the mouth and over the lips last Sunday as we worked through Colossians 3:18. Sub-mis-sion. Now I’ve even written it. Humor aside, it was a week of “skating on thin ice,” at least from the perspective of current […]

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Cable TV, Rachel Evans, and Christian Patriarchy

Here’s a question for you: Is one of the answers to the abuse of women and children in church/ministry settings the complete rejection of complementarianism (or, as Rachel calls it, Christian patriarchy)? This is what Rachel Held Evans recommends and defends in her post “Patriarchy and Abusive Churches.” It’ll be no surprise to my readers […]

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The Real Issue

Some of my favorite conversations have been “discussions” (i.e., debates) on a current topic. Unfortunately, some of larger frustrations were those very same conversations where I found myself arguing about an issue with someone who’s mind is already convinced! (I suspect they were probably frustrated as well with me and my “made up” mind.) Perhaps […]

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