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Q Zone: Does God Love People in Hell?

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Q Zone: Culture Questions

Got questions? For sure, especially in light of the letters to Pergamum and Thyatira. So in addition to the the three questions I answered this morning from last week, here are four more from today’s service. Q: What are the current pagan practices of this culture today? A: I’d contend these would be on the […]

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Election Questions (which no candidate will attempt to answer probably)

Okay, so I teased you with the title; this post has nothing to do with the upcoming election. But everything to do with the more important election—God’s! When I taught through Romans a few years back, the biblical doctrine of election became more than a theological point; it became a precious jewel in the cluster […]

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Q Zone: Why Did God Require Jesus’ Death?

Many often wonder, usually under our breath, why God required the death of his Son to atone for sin. We think to ourselves, “Surely there was an ‘easier’ way, wasn’t there? After all, he’s God, right? Why couldn’t he just accomplish the same result in a different manner?” Take a look for some insight on that […]

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The Sinfulness of Man, the Sovereignty of God, and Joyful Satisfaction in the Middle of Both

It’s been almost a month since SCOTUS “ruled” on Obergefell v. Hodges and gave us their majority opinion in regards to states’ rights to determine  who can and can’t marry. The reversal essentially, according to FOTF, “has the net effect of legalizing same-sex marriage at the federal and state levels across the entire country.” Biblically speaking, our […]

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Should I Open the “Worship” Can of Worms?

I’m probably opening a can of worms. Lifting the lid of a Pandora’s box. Setting off a firestorm. That’s usually what happens when the topic of “worship” comes up among church-ites. Of course, it really isn’t worship that triggers the wars. It’s musical worship. And not the truth of it, but the type of it. […]

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Jesus Has Come: A Short Story

The air was thick with summer heat. Though evening was settling in, I was still noticeably perspiring from a full day out in it. But no one would notice yet, for I was alone, waiting for the others to arrive. It was good to finally be inside. They, too, would probably have the look and […]

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Q Zone: Loving the Leftovers

Our mini-series through Hebrews 8:1-10:18—“Jesus and the New Covenant”—was gospel-packed, Christ-centered, cross-focused, and blood-saturated. For sure God’s Word and work left us humbled in passionate worship week after week, and remembering the Lord’s Table, while always a meaningful time in our service for me, was especially and appropriately sanctifying during those weeks. But that 4-week set […]

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Do We Really Have a “Free” Will?

Where do our choices come from? Many think they are rooted in our “free” will. But is our will really “free?”

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Why You Should Develop a Biblically Strong Theology of Sex

Today the American media witnesses another episode of its own hypocrisy as it celebrates the release of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It’s a collision of twisted definitions—the debut of a movie that hails humiliation, abuse, and lust on a holiday that traditionally has honored love. The blatant blindness of so many “politically correct” people and […]

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