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My 1 Main Way of Dealing with Discouragement

Let’s state the obvious: no one is without their times of discouragement. At some point, all of us face moments when we feel like things aren’t looking up and we wonder if all the effort is worth it. And it matters not if this discouragement stems from circumstances or relationships, the end result is the […]

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Backpedaling a Bit: A Shift on Sarcasm

Developing what you believe about a given issue or subject is sometimes a work in process. Such is the case with me and sarcasm. My readers know that recently I took the stance that sarcasm was wrong. Few debated that, because usually and generally, that’s true. But I maintained it was always wrong. Ah, that’s […]

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Is Sarcasm Always Wrong?

Sarcasm. It’s a cultural icon today. From Hollywood to Washington, on TV and radio, sarcasm seems to rule the day. Unfortunately, the church has followed suit. Instead of defending apologetically, explaining logically, reasoning morally, conversing factually, or supporting theologically, we too often resort to mocking sarcastically. And no issue or person is exempt. These days, […]

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