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When Change Comes Knocking

No one gets to detour unexpected changes. We don’t get to dismiss surprise challenges or uninvited trials. For better or for worse, those three never knock and ask permission. They simply barge in and take a seat. All of us have experienced this at some level. No one is exempt. Don’t assume I’m implying all […]

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Q Zone: Tongue Tied about Trials

Two weeks of teaching on trials from James 1 no doubt leaves us with questions. But what is unique about the questions that have surfaced this week is they touch on core issues that are not only difficult to answer, but seemingly impossible. Frankly, some of these questions get to matters that have no answer […]

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They Just Barge In

One of the realities of life is that bad news rarely, if ever, sends up a warning signal. Trials never knock and ask for permission to enter. Tragedy doesn’t give a 30-day notice. These things just barge in. I was reminded of this last Friday as I drove west along highway 20 heading to northwest […]

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The Trouble with Trials

This morning in my message at FFC I examined something common to all of us—trials. No doubt some experience trials to a larger degree than others. But no one is exempt from them. No, not one. Frankly, at some point every person knows what it’s like to be under the weight of something so completely […]

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Remembering Ryan

My heart hurts for the Jace and Julie Day family today as they attend the funeral, and later burial, of their son Ryan. No doubt we will celebrate his life today, but there’s no way around the pain and grief that sudden tragedy brings. So my soul aches with them in this time. It aches […]

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The Sinfulness of Man, the Sovereignty of God, and Joyful Satisfaction in the Middle of Both

It’s been almost a month since SCOTUS “ruled” on Obergefell v. Hodges and gave us their majority opinion in regards to states’ rights to determine  who can and can’t marry. The reversal essentially, according to FOTF, “has the net effect of legalizing same-sex marriage at the federal and state levels across the entire country.” Biblically speaking, our […]

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Leading in Light of Hatred on the Horizon

Of the many sessions and workshops at this year’s Pastors’ Conference, one that is still rolling around in my head and heart is the opening service with Dr. Paul Nyquist. Why? Because of the practical nature of his application. In fact, he left us with four ways to lead in light of the future. But […]

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I Choose to Forgive

As 2014 closed and 2015 dawned, I asked myself: What one thing makes the largest difference in life and ministry? To me, one word sums it up: Forgiveness. Admittedly, this is my opinion. But this opinion of mine is flanked by two things that bring great weight to it—Scripture and experience. In fact, I’d be […]

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A “Trial Run” of Observations about Trials

Though I briefly unpacked these insights in an earlier message, here are the four observations about trials we glean from Hebrews 3:7-19. Trials are essentially spiritual crossroads. The testing of our faith is always a fork in the road, an intersection of sorts where we must put what we believe into practice. Regardless of the issue, […]

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Tragedies are Blessings? Just Ask Joe.

29 years ago this week, Washington Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann suffered a broken leg that ended his career. I remember watching it over and over, cringing each time Lawrence Taylor and Harry Carson crashed into him, twisting Theismann’s leg and pinning it under him. Lest you think I keep some kind of odd calendar charting […]

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