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Point and Counterpoint: Is it “Through” or “Out”?

The definitive and primary statement regarding saints of God and tribulation, or even more specifically the Tribulation (or hour of testing), is that God will protect them. Of this we are sure! The secondary question usually concerns how—Will God rescue them “out” of that intense time of trouble prior to its beginning via a rapture, […]

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A “Trial Run” of Observations about Trials

Though I briefly unpacked these insights in an earlier message, here are the four observations about trials we glean from Hebrews 3:7-19. Trials are essentially spiritual crossroads. The testing of our faith is always a fork in the road, an intersection of sorts where we must put what we believe into practice. Regardless of the issue, […]

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Q Zone: Great Trib Saints

Although our focus during Sunday’s message from Revelation 7:9-14 wasn’t on the timing of certain eschatological events (i.e., the great tribulation), one of the questions texted in ended up being about that aspect. In fact, it seemed more like a comment than a question, but it is well worth posting here as you think through […]

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Trueman on “Unhindered” … Right On, Bro!

In my daily reading I “happened” across a delightful piece by Carl Trueman entitled “Keep Calm and Carry On.” Yet it wasn’t the whole article that brought about this blog today, but rather two paragraphs that caught my attention the most, for they echoed with much of what my current sermon series from Acts is […]

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Q Zone: A Failed Marriage, A Wayward Child…

Anytime you talk about trials and persecutions, people perk up. After all, where’s there’s people, there’s pain. Consequently, one theme that ran through many questions from Sunday was this: How do I know if it’s persecution, or simply a trial? For instance, some were wondering things like “does a failed marriage in my past count as persecution, […]

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Q Zone: What About Post-Trib Believers?

After preaching from Acts 2 about the situation we’re in — the “last days” that are leading to “the day” — a listener, no doubt more conscious of the coming judgment, asked, “Will people who become Christians post-tribulation be taken to heaven before the reckoning of the Day of the Lord?” If you believe there […]

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