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Moravian Momentum

Few people have taken the Great Commission as seriously as the Moravians. Not unlike the early church in Acts 8, they, too, were displaced due to persecution, and eventually settled on the estate of Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf in the German province of Saxony in the 1720’s.  In fact, Zinzendorf gave them land, and the […]

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Q Zone: Since God is Sovereign, Why Pray or Witness?

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Baptized Bodyguards and the Providence of God

We had climbed five flights of narrow stairs, some in the dark, before we ended up in a small room, perhaps 12 x 12, where gathered was about 20 believers. They were part of this house fellowship in south Asia—a church no less—and present were more than Asians and Americans. God was there. In us. […]

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It’s STATurday: Church Numbers

Curious about what are the most common prayers? Or how equipped church members think they are to deal with immigration? Or what denomination provides more chaplains for the military? The October edition of [On Mission] magazine reveals some facts and figures related to each of those, what I call “Church Numbers.” Southern Baptists provide the […]

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Q Zone: Great Questions About the Great Commission

Our first week into our GO month series—“Understanding the Great Commission”—laid the necessary groundwork for the next three weeks, but still there are remaining questions. Here are three that came in during the service via our text line. [Click to listen or watch the message and join us for this month-long emphasis on mission(s).] Q: […]

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Quips and Quotes from My Series Notes

Today I wrapped up my short, two-week series on evangelism, “The Glory of New Covenant Evangelism.” Many have asked for some of the material, mainly the quotes, bite-size concepts, and/or take-home truths that I used to summarize portions of the messages. Here is a selected sampling of those quips and quotes, not only from what […]

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Q Zone: Naturally Supernatural or Supernaturally Natural?

In light of the first of two messages in our new series regarding evangelism, two questions arose I’d like to address. (Note: To get some of the background to these questions, listen to the message here.) 1. What advice would you give to children (i.e., teens) who have been believers since a very young age regarding […]

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Evangelism for Introverts: A Personal Evangelism Story

Our current two-week preaching series at FFC, “The Glory of New Covenant Evangelism,” is accented well by this great piece from our Pastor of Small Groups, Chris Eller. It’s a personal story, as well as a powerful one, and I encourage you to read it. His story is part of this week’s Compass, one of […]

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A GO Month Quiz

Tomorrow we wrap up a 6-week emphasis on missions — a series we titled “God’s Heart for the World” and uniquely designed for what is known as GO Month at First Family. In that series I began my five messages with a question, each one designed to get us thinking about a specific aspect of […]

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Q Zone: The Lone Question

Paul’s encounter with Felix taught us much about opportunities—both seized and missed (Acts 24:22-26). And it also brought up some good questions, all of which were answered in the service except for one. So, since Pastor Carlos was speaking at our Ankeny campus while I was in Montana, he is our guest blogger today, answering […]

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