“Home Run: Family, Baseball and Psalm 128”

There’s no place like home! And in “Home Run,” Todd, along with his son, Brett, take us around the bases of our most important relationships — the ones under our own roof! With Psalm 128 as the lens, Todd and Brett helps us better see what it means to be a father, mother, son or daughter. Plus, it’s filled with practical action-steps and timely illustrations. “Home Run” will give you concrete ideas based on the solid foundation of God’s truth so that you can serve the most important people in your life — your family!

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Prelude: Swing for the Fence
Chapter 1: Home Run [Excerpt]
Chapter 2: The Father Factor
Chapter 3: Every Home’s Power Plant [Excerpt]
Chapter 4: Star Trek Sons
Chapter 5: Daughters That Make a Difference
Chapter 6: Grand Slam Sex [Excerpt]
Chapter 7: Dents in the Darkness
Postlude: Home Ruin

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Here’s what some are saying about Home Run …

“It’s not surprising that Todd chose First Family for the name of the church he pastors.  It’s clear that in his life and ministry, families come first.  This book is an easy-to-read guide to what it means for parents and children to put the family first, and in the process, to honor the Lord Jesus Christ.  Through personal stories and practical suggestions, and based on biblical truth, Todd points the way to building a strong, loving, and enduring family.  For parents of every age and stage, this book will challenge you and give you hope.”
Mary Whelchel
Director of Women’s Ministries, The Moody Church, Chicago
Author, Radio Host of The Christian Working Woman

“Throughout Home Run, Todd focuses on the two most important things in life — faith and family — and in an unforgettable way illuminates truths which strengthen both.”
Jeff Clement
MLB, 2007-2013
Seattle Mariners, Pittsburgh Pirates

“Using a baseball analogy, pastor and author Todd Stiles makes a case for ‘home runs’ in our families. His practical and biblical writing style provides readers with a truly balanced approach to family living in today’s often-hurried and increasingly-secular culture. In Home Run: Family, Baseball and Psalm 128, Todd presents biblical truth in an easy-to-understand format and applies the principles from Scripture to everyday family living.  The book is filled with real-world illustrations and contains a wealth of hands-on ideas for families no matter where they are on the journey of life.”
Mel Walker
Vice president for Enrollment & External Relations, Baptist Bible College & Seminary, Clarks Summit, PA
Founder & President of Vision For Youth, Inc. and author of “Inter-Generational Youth Ministry”

“Within the first few pages of Home Run it becomes clear that Todd knows how to make ‘family’ fun. His excitement for family life will draw you in and cause you to want to part of his family and church. Each of Home Run’s chapters are filled with memorable stories and biblical instruction to walk readers through the basics of family life. This book is for anyone interested in developing a healthy family or for those who lead others in cultivating strong families.”
Tim Lubinus
Executive Director, Baptist Convention of Iowa

“Todd has a poignant way of getting you to laugh and think about his family one minute and then challenge you as you lead yours the next.  Whether you enjoy sports, family gatherings, or the stories that we all cherish from our childhood, this book is practical, biblical, and helps you keep your ‘elbow up’ in the batter’s box as you swing for the fence.  Thanks for encouraging all of us to stay in the game.”
Jonathan Meyer
Youth & Young Adult Pastor, Grace Church,
Founder of Ignite Youth Leadership Conference

“When a ballplayer smacks a home run, the action shifts instantly for any teammates on base. A moment before runners had been looking this way and that defensively—aware that they could be tagged out or picked off. But with the flick of a bat, they’re suddenly free to stroll the base paths without a care in the world. They have a free pass home. This image of home as a safe haven is central to Home Run, a new book by Todd Stiles, with contributions from his son, Brett. Stiles uses a classic baseball situation to illustrate the teachings of Psalm 128, which focuses on relationships within balanced, God-loving families. This Psalm speaks of blessed fathers, fruitful mothers and siblings who are growing into faithful believers. Stiles helps readers recognize and respect the importance of the bonds between family members. Helpful anecdotes and examples from his own family life illustrate how to strengthen these bonds. His approach is engaging, insightful and entertaining. In baseball terms, Stiles knocks one outta here.”
Steve Cooper
Editor/Writer, Life Beautiful Magazine


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