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Responding to the Murder of Two Police Officers in Des Moines

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A Deathly Implication

As I stated in my message on May 15, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 contains a rather important implication about death: it is a natural occurrence. Maybe not for all of us should the Lord return before we die. But barring that event, death will occur. As odd as it may sound, death is part of the process […]

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Remembering Pastor Chirwa

Yesterday morning I received word that a pastor friend of mine in Lusaka, Zambia passed away: Pastor Gerald Chirwa. While Gerald and I weren’t real close simply due to location issues, we did talk frequently over FB, and I had been to see him on a couple of occasions. Additionally, he has been a global […]

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A Miscarriage Is More Than You Think

Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, and if there’s one thing the church should lead the way in, it should be valuing life. Think about it—No doubt we stand against abortion, praying and working to end the murder of babies. For sure we take time to appropriately grieve when someone dies, stopping […]

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Q Zone: Why Did God Require Jesus’ Death?

Many often wonder, usually under our breath, why God required the death of his Son to atone for sin. We think to ourselves, “Surely there was an ‘easier’ way, wasn’t there? After all, he’s God, right? Why couldn’t he just accomplish the same result in a different manner?” Take a look for some insight on that […]

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Remembering John

Today I attended the funeral of my friend and fellow Ankeny pastor, John Colyer. In what was, through the dim mirror of human visibility (1 Cor. 13), a sudden and tragic loss, I and no doubt many hundreds more gathered, remembered, and laughed. Still, we grieved, though not without hope (1 Thess 4). In fact, […]

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Two Smells in Every Sermon

It’s no secret I’ve got nose issues. From cat allergies to seasonal reactions to periodic colds, sometimes I think this snoz of mine is my “thorn in the flesh.” Add to that the way our sinuses react when our emotions get involved—i.e., our nose runs when our eyes tear up—well, preaching for me can sometimes […]

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Sanctifying Suffering: A First-Person Testimony

With our 5-week series now complete, I thought it would be a good time to share what I think is a beautiful, somewhat poetic “first person” overview of the text, 2 Corinthians 4:7-18, as written by FFCer Julie Maile.  May God use it to heighten our understanding of these 12 verses even more. Sanctifying Suffering: […]

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