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Q Zone: Is it a Sin…?

We often think Jesus’ final marching orders will leave us wondering only about witnessing and missions, but that’s not always the case. As these two questions reveal, there’s more to the Great Commission than meets the eye. Here’s some insight to a couple of intriguing questions related to other aspects of Matthew 28:16-20. Q: Why […]

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“Did You Really Say the ‘S-‘ Word?”

Yep, sure did. Read it and said it. I just let those syllables flow right out of the mouth and over the lips last Sunday as we worked through Colossians 3:18. Sub-mis-sion. Now I’ve even written it. Humor aside, it was a week of “skating on thin ice,” at least from the perspective of current […]

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Blueprint Begins

One of the issues I’m pretty passionate about is that of family and home, which is why I’m really excited to start a new series tomorrow rooted in Colossians 3, “God’s Blueprint for a Biblical Home.” It’s just a four-week emphasis, but we’ll dive in and dig deep into text and context to see God’s […]

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What to Look for in a Church

A few years ago as I was teaching from Acts 2-4, I, almost in passing, threw out some observations about what people should look for in a church. Not that these qualities are unimportant; rather, it wasn’t the bulls-eye target of the text that day. But it warranted a drive-by mentioning, so I generally lobbed these […]

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Jesus Has Come: A Short Story

The air was thick with summer heat. Though evening was settling in, I was still noticeably perspiring from a full day out in it. But no one would notice yet, for I was alone, waiting for the others to arrive. It was good to finally be inside. They, too, would probably have the look and […]

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Calling Them Out: Should Shepherds Expose Wolves By Name? [Part 4]

Part 4 When and How It’s hard to imagine anyone with a hint of biblical allegiance reviewing the overwhelming thread of evidence in the New Testament letters and coming away saying, “It’s not a pastor’s job to protect the sheep, and spotting and labeling the wolves isn’t part of his duty.” Yet, tragically, that is […]

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Calling Them Out: Should Shepherds Expose Wolves By Name? [Part 3]

Part 3 The People of the New Testament Church Letters The pattern of the New Testament letters is accented by the people in those very letters. Specifically, we see two false teachers called out in 1 Timothy 1—Hymenaeus and Alexander. These two were said to have “put away faith,” having “shipwrecked” it (vs. 19-20). Paul even […]

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Calling Them Out: Should Shepherds Expose Wolves By Name? [Part 2]

[Read part 1 here] Part 2 So let’s ask the obvious question—is it biblical for pastors to “call out” false teachers? My answer, in a nutshell, is yes. But first, a few qualifiers. Because terminology matters in this discussion, it is important to understand that I don’t personally view holding someone accountable to what they […]

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Sanctification: God Uses Us

With two excerpts behind us, we look at our final excerpt today – Sanctification. These are partial short-stories designed to help us gain more insight into three concepts we looked at during January in Acts 16 — conviction, regeneration, and sanctification. Regarding this post, the original chapter title in the book is “Sanctification: God Changes Us.” […]

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Conviction: God Draws Us

Some of January’s sermons at FFC included at least two where God’s conviction, regeneration, and sanctification are beautifully seen in the stories of Acts 16. As I was thinking through these words, and their theological implications, I remembered these words were among nine I wrote about in my book Different, Not Just Better. In fact, similar […]

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