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When Change Comes Knocking

No one gets to detour unexpected changes. We don’t get to dismiss surprise challenges or uninvited trials. For better or for worse, those three never knock and ask permission. They simply barge in and take a seat. All of us have experienced this at some level. No one is exempt. Don’t assume I’m implying all […]

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Sunday Rewind: Words That Build Up Husbands

What are words a wife can use to build up her husband? In this 2 1/2 minute answer I offer four words that will go a long way in helping a wife do this, as well as explaining why. This “Sunday Rewind” is best understood when heard alongside the message I preached, “Paul on Words,” […]

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186 Years of Marriage!

Though we don’t “make” the Bible come to life or relevant (it is already both!), there are times when the living truth of God bursts before you in full color. Such was the case Friday night when I saw 186 years of marriage standing before me. We were attending a family wedding in Michigan, and […]

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A “Gotta Watch” Video for Husbands and Wives

It was just minutes after I finished preaching on Colossians 3:19 last Sunday that one of our members came to see me down front. And after a handshake and a simple greeting, he said, “Have you seen or heard Wayne Grudem’s testimony about how he lived out sacrificial love? It’s a perfect illustration of what […]

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Husbands Loving, Wives Aligning: Four Tips for Both

Many have asked for the definitions and application points from the last two weeks of messages in our series, “God’s Blueprint for a Biblical Home.” So here, in a very succinct fashion, are the definitions, as well as the “Todd’s Tips” I provided near the end of my two messages on husbands and wives in […]

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“Did You Really Say the ‘S-‘ Word?”

Yep, sure did. Read it and said it. I just let those syllables flow right out of the mouth and over the lips last Sunday as we worked through Colossians 3:18. Sub-mis-sion. Now I’ve even written it. Humor aside, it was a week of “skating on thin ice,” at least from the perspective of current […]

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In Case You Missed the Video from Today’s Message

Few things could have underscored better the reason we at FFC encourage 100% involvement in our small groups (known as Lighthouses) than the video we showed at the conclusion of the message (click to watch message). Some, however, didn’t get the opportunity to see it due to being out of town for the holiday. Or they […]

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The Sinfulness of Man, the Sovereignty of God, and Joyful Satisfaction in the Middle of Both

It’s been almost a month since SCOTUS “ruled” on Obergefell v. Hodges and gave us their majority opinion in regards to states’ rights to determine  who can and can’t marry. The reversal essentially, according to FOTF, “has the net effect of legalizing same-sex marriage at the federal and state levels across the entire country.” Biblically speaking, our […]

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Why You Should Develop a Biblically Strong Theology of Sex

Today the American media witnesses another episode of its own hypocrisy as it celebrates the release of “Fifty Shades of Grey.” It’s a collision of twisted definitions—the debut of a movie that hails humiliation, abuse, and lust on a holiday that traditionally has honored love. The blatant blindness of so many “politically correct” people and […]

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Cable TV, Rachel Evans, and Christian Patriarchy

Here’s a question for you: Is one of the answers to the abuse of women and children in church/ministry settings the complete rejection of complementarianism (or, as Rachel calls it, Christian patriarchy)? This is what Rachel Held Evans recommends and defends in her post “Patriarchy and Abusive Churches.” It’ll be no surprise to my readers […]

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