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13-Year-Old Napkin Notes

It was somewhat surreal, and a little surprising. Not that I had expected something really different, but it was still a reason to raise the eye-brows a bit. That was my reaction to an email from Pastor Chris, one that contained a letter and some initial “napkin notes” I wrote back in 2003. The letter […]

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Best Book I Read in June

It was the title that first caught my attention while I was browsing the Moody Publishing booth at their Pastors Conference—“On Being a Pastor.” Then the name Begg. Alistair Begg. I thought to myself, Yes, that’d be quite interesting to see what he thinks about being a pastor. But I was wrong. This book by […]

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The Next Book I’m Buying

Book reviews are rarely motivating, They’re usually just informative. Not that being informative is bad. Frankly, that’s probably what a book review should be. But Steve McAlpine’s review of Mark Sayers Disappearing Church: From Cultural Relevance to Gospel Resilience (Chicago, IL: Moody Publishers, 2016. 176 pp. $14.99) was more than a review aimed at informing. It was an […]

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Technology: Utilized or Idolized?

It’s no surprise I enjoy technology and the various social media platforms connected to it. The fact that you’re reading this, perhaps even on a smart phone where you saw a link to this post on your Facebook or Twitter feed, indicates you may as well. However, keeping technology in check isn’t always easy. Sometimes what’s […]

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It’s STATurday: 9 Things…

Often I get asked about pastoral ministry—What’s it like, what do I actually do, is it hard or lonely, what kind of pressure do I feel, does it set well with your family…the list could go on. Well, with this being the last day of Clergy Appreciation Month, the Gospel Coalition published a great piece […]

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10 in 10

Recently I was asked to share with a group of pastors 10 things I’ve learned in 10 years, mainly about church planting and ministry. Though no doubt the lessons learned are way more than that, I did manage to whittle the list down to 10. Interestingly, as I reviewed the list, I realized these 10 […]

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Leading in Light of Hatred on the Horizon

Of the many sessions and workshops at this year’s Pastors’ Conference, one that is still rolling around in my head and heart is the opening service with Dr. Paul Nyquist. Why? Because of the practical nature of his application. In fact, he left us with four ways to lead in light of the future. But […]

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This is My Church

This past Sunday First Family Church celebrated its 10-year anniversary. It was a humbling, amazing day! And while I intend to say more about it in the near future, I want to use a different anniversary story to highlight what I think should be everyone’s anniversary story. It’s the story of my niece (from my […]

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Seven Sanctifying Things Suffering Does

Too often a series of messages never really answers the question it raises. While this is no doubt unintentional, we preachers can sometimes get lost in a sea of words and find ourselves, and our people, drowning, barely able to ever see the shore clearly. To ensure that doesn’t happen with our current series, “Sanctifying […]

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“The Heart and Hands of a Spiritual Shepherd”

After four installments dealing with how shepherds are to biblically deal with wolves, it’s appropriate to take a minute to see how Scripture portrays a shepherd’s interaction with the sheep. And to help us with that is fellow FFCer Nick Moklestad, a young man in our congregation who is part of E3 (our church’s primary […]

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