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It’s STATurday: Church Numbers

From issues of morality to the importance of missions, here’s what recent surveys and numbers report about either Americans, those who call themselves Christians and what we are part of—the church, or both.* 44% of practicing Christians agree that it’s a good practice for couples to live together outside of marriage. 88% of people who […]

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Remembering Pastor Chirwa

Yesterday morning I received word that a pastor friend of mine in Lusaka, Zambia passed away: Pastor Gerald Chirwa. While Gerald and I weren’t real close simply due to location issues, we did talk frequently over FB, and I had been to see him on a couple of occasions. Additionally, he has been a global […]

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Baptized Bodyguards and the Providence of God

We had climbed five flights of narrow stairs, some in the dark, before we ended up in a small room, perhaps 12 x 12, where gathered was about 20 believers. They were part of this house fellowship in south Asia—a church no less—and present were more than Asians and Americans. God was there. In us. […]

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Live Interview Re: India and Nepal

Last Thursday I appeared on Mac’s World Live, a daily radio/web show on KTIA 99.3, concerning aspects of my trip to India and Nepal. Here’s a link to that interview. (You’ll want to start around the 15-minute mark as the first part is a rabbit trail about the iPhone. Go figure!)

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12 Words, 3 Phrases, 8 Days: Observations From South Asia

Cardboard houses all in a row. Yet in the middle of it a church was there, serving and preaching the beautifully good news of heaven in what seemed like a hellhole of human existence. God’s church, alive and well, had come to the slums. A small, cinderblock room tucked invisibly between two street shops. The […]

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Of All Nations

Just some pictures (and a few captions) of my current trip to south Asia. It’s experiences like this where Jesus’ last command—“make disciples of all nations”—comes into even greater focus for me as I see it played out person after person in all kinds of places. So thankful spiritual reproduction knows no distinction! The villages […]

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Q Zone: Great Questions About the Great Commission

Our first week into our GO month series—“Understanding the Great Commission”—laid the necessary groundwork for the next three weeks, but still there are remaining questions. Here are three that came in during the service via our text line. [Click to listen or watch the message and join us for this month-long emphasis on mission(s).] Q: […]

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A GO Month Quiz

Tomorrow we wrap up a 6-week emphasis on missions — a series we titled “God’s Heart for the World” and uniquely designed for what is known as GO Month at First Family. In that series I began my five messages with a question, each one designed to get us thinking about a specific aspect of […]

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Now What? Living in Light of 11 (Acts 11, that is)

Before itemizing a few action points from Acts 11, here are a few of the nut graphs from the message — the most essential statements and paragraphs that summarize this rich text. [You can listen to the entire message here.] “What God was doing in Acts 10-11 was more than just opening the door to […]

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