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Our Great High Priest: So Much Better!

Remember as a kid getting separated in the grocery store? You start scanning every aisle, hoping the next one reveals your mother. You’re nearing the end, you’re scared and about to cry, almost in a panic, when you suddenly see a shadow on the floor at the end of the aisle. Is that my mom? The […]

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Getting a Grip on the Gospel: Theologically

With a brief historical perspective of the gospel under our belt (Read Part 1, The Gospel Historically, here), what is essential if we’re to get a theological grip on the gospel? The Gospel Theologically As Christianity spread out from Jerusalem, this word “gospel,” which was the heart of their faith and belief, took on greater […]

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Q Zone: Curious About Cornelius

Our time in Acts 10-11 has spawned a number of questions, but since we didn’t take any “live” last week at the 10:30 service, here’s some insight to three of them that came in during that service. 1. In light of Isaiah 49, why do you think Peter’s connection with the Gentiles takes the early […]

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9 in 5 from 10

While evangelical believers all agree the Gospel is, through and through, about the life of Jesus, to put it concisely and succinctly is another matter. How do you sum up this “good news” in a way that is doctrinally accurate, historically precise, and relationally sensitive? Peter accomplishes this in Acts 10:34-48 when, in front of […]

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Q Zone: Probing Peter

Peter’s encounter with three people in Acts 9-10 was the focus of my message last week (listen here), and it produced a number of questions from a variety of angles. So let’s probe Peter’s situations further, providing some insight into four specific inquiries. Q: “Was the Caesarea assignment more difficult than the Samaria situation?” My […]

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Q Zone: Honest Questions About the Holy Spirit from Acts 8

There’s now way around it — Acts 8 presents some interesting situations that seem more exceptional than normative in the New Testament, especially in regards to activity surrounding the Holy Spirit. What is one to do and think? Though I indirectly addressed these questions as in my message Sunday, here are the questions in a […]

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Sunday Rewind: Why the ‘No’?

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