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Tuesday’s Christmas Prayer: God the Son

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Election Questions (which no candidate will attempt to answer probably)

Okay, so I teased you with the title; this post has nothing to do with the upcoming election. But everything to do with the more important election—God’s! When I taught through Romans a few years back, the biblical doctrine of election became more than a theological point; it became a precious jewel in the cluster […]

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Q Zone: Did I “Short-Sell” Zacchaeus?

With a packed agenda cued up for the service Sunday, live questions were simply impossible. But man, did we get some good ones texted in! So, as promised, here are my thoughts. Love to know yours as well, so feel free to comment. Q: Luke 19:3 says Zacchaeus was short, which is why he was […]

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It’s What’s Inside that Counts

Salvation isn’t attained by anything we do or how we look on the outside; it’s about God’s work on the inside. And in a culture of externals, where bodies and bucks are the primary ways people communicate their worth, this stunning realization changes everything. Or at least it should. One thing’s for sure—if it doesn’t now, […]

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Conviction: God Draws Us

Some of January’s sermons at FFC included at least two where God’s conviction, regeneration, and sanctification are beautifully seen in the stories of Acts 16. As I was thinking through these words, and their theological implications, I remembered these words were among nine I wrote about in my book Different, Not Just Better. In fact, similar […]

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Birthday Theology

When it comes to being born, I had nothing to do with it. It was all a work of my parents. Simply put, by their own willful actions and desires, I was born. Funny how birthdays, though, rarely celebrate the people truly responsible for the birth. Don’t get me wrong—I’m not suggesting a celebration reformation […]

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